PACERS are not sensors. They are done as software software.
They provide a way for guiding clients to breath [or squeeze] using a simple bar or graph.
Adjusting the Breathing Pacer

To adjust the breathing pacer, click on the display with a signal called  “Pattern” or "Pacer."  The white dot that appears indicates that the breathing pattern signal has been selected.  The buttons in the left hand signal control bar are used to modify all signals on all screens.  By selecting “Pattern” you have assigned the signal control bar to the breathing pattern signal so that you can modify it.
Click on the Modify Settings button.
Using the Breathing Pacer

Many HRV screens have 3 signals-  a zig-zag-like breathing pacer, an aqua  respiration wave form, and a red heart rate variability wave form.

The effect of correct breathing can be easily observed as an increase in heart rate variability and an increase in synchrony between the HR waveform and the Respiration signal.

Ordinarily, the HR signal can be hidden with the Show/Hide button if just the Respiration signal is desired. However when you see a screen with a ful-screen zig-zag pacer [the pacer screen], this is a special sceen, and it is not possible to show or hide any signal.
In the Breath Parameter box, adjust the target breath rate and inhalation time.  These are expressed as percentages of the total breath time, with the sum of inhale time, inhale hold, exhale time and exhale hold equal to 100%.

By adjusting the inhale time the exhale time automatically adjusts, and adjusting the exhale time automatically alters the inhale time.  Also notice the changes in the wave form. 

Click on the small x in the upper right hand corner of the Breath Parameter window to close it.
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